As we grow, we hope to continue adding ways to bring our community together.


Eleanor Daggett Memorial Library

Pre-School Story Hour
(At The Fire Station)

This is a Pre-School Literacy Enrichment and School Readiness Program open to all ages but currently crafted towards children, ages 1 - 5 years old. Please join us in-person for songs, rhymes, stories, crafts, and conversation. It is currently taking place at the Fire Station, every Thursday at 9:30 am.

School Based Arts Enrichment

We provide materials and weekly instruction to elementary students at a small private catholic school in Lumberton, NM and facilitate monthly Family Events at Dulce Elementary School. Generous community efforts help bring this to fruition. Partnerships with Chama Valley Schools on the horizon!

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Diffendoofer Day

 All ages experiences produced in partnership with the Friends of Chama Library which engage everyone present to create, explore, and discover with minimal guidance in order to push their own preconceptions of what they are capable of and what is possible. Multiple access points allow anyone to start where they are and bravely go places they didn't know existed. Rules: No observers, play only, process not product, courageous exploration, stay curious.