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September 3rd-4th 2022

Saturday: 10 am-5 pm; Sunday: 10:00 am- 4:00 pm.

The 15th Annual Chama Valley Art Festival and Studio Tour will delight visitors and artists alike. Spend a weekend enjoying the scenic Chama Valley. Stay tuned for more information!

Applications are closed! We are full! See you at the Art Festival!


Artists interested may apply using the below documents.

Application form (online)

Click the below link to obtain the Artist Application Agreement form online.

Application Form (PDF)

Click the below link to download a copy of the Artist Application Agreement form.

Payment & Donations

Click the below link to select and purchase a level of participation.

Artists By Location


* Diane Reitz: Oils & Pastels

* Alan Tregellas: Contemporary Art 

* Ray Montoya: Handmade Lino/Blk 

* Scarlet Ravin: Herbal Medicine

* Tamar Lenzi: Seashell/Wire Jewelry

* Cindy Martinez: Acrylic Southwest

* Peggy and Olivia Visio: Ceramics

* Linda Chase: Decorative Wood / Mosaic


* Desiree Alonzo: Beadwork & Ribbon Skirts 

* Ann Connor: Tie-Dyes

* Sean Spinato: Glass works


* Lynn Lamoreux: Photography/Book
* Louella Dove: Fiber Tote Bags
* Miguel Duran: Photography
* Russell Thornton: Prints & Cards


* Margaret Noe: Silver Jewelry
* Sian Lindemann: Floral


* Debra Henderlong: Fused Glass
* Mae Shaw: Gourds / Jewelry
* Ruben Hernandez: Photography
* Bonnie Schuerhoff: Oil/Acrylic/WC
* David Schuerhoff: Jewelry/Misc


* Tierra Wools
* Veronica Hennigh: Handwoven Rugs
* Margaret Langworthy: Iron Silhouettes
* Joan Daniels: Watercolors
* Marti Waller: Art Quilts

Outlying Stops 
#6, #8, #9, #10

#6: Alan Feia: Glass Works
#8: Elizabeth Hanssard: Mixed Metal Jewelry
#9: Manfred Rapp: Oil Paintings
#10: Avonna Lee Anderson: Oil Paintings

Arts Festival Tour Map

Click below button to see the complete artist tour map.



The Village of Chama 
The BoxCar Cafe
The Station Inn
Arriba Concrete
River Bend Lodge

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